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Find Your Business Online

The online shopping landscape is a sea of noise and distractions. The more visible you can make your products to online shoppers, the more likely they are to purchase from you. You can have the best products and the most competitive prices, but if your customer can’t find your store it won’t matter. In an increasingly competitive online marketplace visibility IS your Competitive Advantage.

In order to succeed in Ecommerce your products need to be visible and available when your customer is ready to make a purchase. Learn how Converzen can harness the power of Google Shopping to help your customers Find Your Business Online. 

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Expert Account Management

Relying on our team of Google Shopping Experts means you can hit the ground running. Compete on Google from day one!

Customized Strategy

Converzen will work with your team to develop a Customized Marketing Strategy tailored to your Site, Products & Brands.

Experience Matters

Over 8 years of Ecommerce Marketing experience as both a Marketer and a Retailer. From Google Shopping to SEO, we’ve got you covered.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Do I really need to advertise my products on Google?

Making up 68.2% of online searches in 2012, Google is far and away the most popular search engine on the web. Ignoring Google as an advertising option is like taking 2/3 of your potential customers and turning them away before they can even enter your store. This is a mistake we don’t think any online store can afford to make.

How much set up is involved?

Set up is minimal and we handle most of the work for you. We’ll start by working with your team to make sure your product datafeed meets all of our requirements. Next we’ll set up a datafeed transfer which will allow us to automatically import your most recent product data into our system each day. We’ll then create the required Google Accounts, optimize your product data to meet Google’s requirements, and push your products to Google. After a short processing time your entire product catalog will be available to your customers on Google Shopping.

Our team of experts will handle the rest. Using a customized strategy developed with the help of your team, we’ll maintain and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns for maximum performance.

How long will the set up process take?

The length of the set up process will be determined primarily by the current state of your product datafeed. If your datafeed already meets all of our requirements, set up will only take a few days. If you don’t have a product datafeed we’ll be starting from scratch, so set up could take several weeks.

How much does your service cost?

We know that it can be difficult to justify new marketing spending without a guaranteed return on investment.

To minimize the risk we’ve eliminated all Set Up Fees and Google Advertising Costs, and for the first 30 days we’ll even waive our standard Monthly Service Fee! This means for the first month you’ll only be responsible for a Commission Fee based on the revenue we’ve generated. Plus there’s no obligation for the first 30 days, so if you’re not entirely satisfied with the results you can cancel at any time.

After that it’s just $400/month plus a Monthly Commission Fee. Commission Rates range from 10% and up and are determined based on a number of factors, including your Average Monthly Website Traffic, Average Monthly Website Revenue and ROI Goals. Typical online marketing costs range from 20%-30% of revenue, so you’ll be saving as much as 66%.

Your Commission Fee is calculated by applying your Commission Rate to the Revenue generated by Converzen. So, if your Commission Rate is 10% and last month Converzen generated $10,000 in Sales, this month’s Commission Fee will be $1,000.

$10,000 x 10% = $1,000

Our commission-based payment system means you’ll never be charged until an order has been placed, no matter how many clicks you receive.

How is Converzen’s Commission Rate determined?

Commission Rates start as low as 10% of revenue go up from there depending on a number of factors. Prior to starting, Converzen will ask you to complete a questionnaire containing a host of questions about your website/business. The purpose of these questions is to gather information about your current Website Traffic, Website Revenue, Marketing Strategies/Budget, ROI Goals, Website Prices, Etc. Once complete, we’ll use the data we’ve collected to determine what Commission Rate will allow us to most effectively market your products through Google Shopping.

Your Commission Rate is very much open for negotiation and we will make it a point to take into consideration your personal ROI goals when determining a rate. However it’s important to remember that a higher Commission Rate will mean Converzen can can budget more for your Campaigns/Bids which will generally lead to more Revenue. You can think of the Commission Rate like a bid in a typical CPC Campaign. The more you bid, the more exposure we can give your products and the more clicks you can expect to receive. Historically we’ve found that a 15% Commission Rate is a good starting point because it allows us to operate Campaign Budgets and Bids in a way that will not stifle the amount of Revenue we can generate for your website.

Once we’ve decided on a Commission Rate this rate will remain fixed unless you decide you would like to adjust it. This can be done at anytime with at least a 2 weeks notice however our base Commission Rate is 10% unless otherwise agreed upon by Converzen.

Do I have to pay for Google Adwords costs?

Absolutely not! To minimize the risk to you, Converzen covers all of the up front fees including Google Adwords CPC costs. Then, at the end of the month, you’ll be charged a Commission Fee based on the revenue generated by Converzen’s advertising campaigns. Your fee will stay the same, no matter how many clicks you receive!

Do I need to have experience advertising on Google?

No experience necessary! Our expert team will handle Account Set Up, Campaign Creation and Campaign Optimization/Management. This means you’ll be able to compete on Google Shopping from day one, regardless of your experience level.

Do I need to have my own Google Adwords account to participate?

No way! All of your Google Shopping campaigns will be created/managed under Converzen’s own Google Adwords account.

What if I don’t have a product datafeed?

No datafeed, no sweat! As long as your shopping cart platform is capable of producing a product datafeed, this won’t be a problem. Our team will work with you to create and format a product datafeed that will meet all of our requirements. (Additional fees may apply depending on the amount of time needed to create your datafeed.)

What are your product datafeed requirements?
How do I track Converzen’s campaign performance?

Prior to going live, Converzen will ask that you install a tracking pixel on your shopping cart confirmation page that will allow us to track our Google Shopping campaign metrics in Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics we will provide you with weekly reports on the performance of our campaigns, including Clicks, Orders, Revenue, Etc. If you would like to track basic metrics using your own analytics tool, we are happy to make reasonable accommodations to facilitate this. However, for the purposes of calculating Commission Fees Converzen’s Google Analytics data will always be considered the most valid determinant of performance.

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